Other qualifying tests

Performance Programme in Music – Bachelor's Level

Here you will find important information about the Other qualifying tests that you need to do in connection with the entrance exams during the admissions week.

In order to be eligible for a study place in your chosen Bachelor's Programme at the Malmö Academy of Music you will need to have passed the following tests:

  • Music Theory Test (music vocabulary, music theory and aural theory)
  • Piano Test (only for applicants to Symphony Orchestra Instrument/Recorder/Vocal, classical specialization)

Music Theory Test

Please note:

  • You are eligible to do the Music Theory Test, only if you have passed the first round of the admissions test in your main subject, the result of which you will receive after the completion of the first round.
  • You will do your Music Theory Test at the academy which you have given the highest priority when you applied at www.antagning.se or www.universityadmissions.se. Which means you will have only one chance of completing the Music Theory Test for each application year.
  • The Music Theory Test will be graded either passed or failed, and all three parts must be passed to be eligible for a study place.

For passing the Music Theory Test you will need to:

  • Show fundamental knowledge of music vocabulary
  • Show fundamental aural skills, such as notating music examples
  • Show fundamental skills in music theory, such as harmonic analysis, voice-leading and composing of a second voice/line.

Specimen tests
Music vocabulary

Music theory

Music theory – Harmonization (with a simple solution)

Music theory – Harmonization (with a complex solution)

Aural theory

Aural theory – with answers

Aural theory – complete audio-file (Please note! In the aural theory-part, each task is preceded by a instruction, which is in Swedish in the audio-file, as it will do when you are auditioning at the Malmö Academy of Music.)

Aural theory seperate audio-files
Aural practice test in English

Number 1 – Intervals

Number 2 – Triads: single note

Number 3 – Triads: inversions

Number 4 – Chord types 

Number 5a – Rhythm A

Number 5b – Rhythm B

Number 5c – Rhythm C

Number 5d – Rhythm D 

Number 6 – Music and notation

Number 7 – Music and notation

Number 8 – Music and notation

Piano Test

For applicants to Symhony Orchestra Instrument/Recorder/Vocal (classical specialization)

  • The Piano audition is obligatory for all candidates for the Bachelor's programmes, classical specialization (with exception for guitarists, pianists, harpsichordists, world musicians and jazz musicians).
  • Please note that for admittance to the Malmö Academy of Music the piano audition needs to be carried out in Malmö.
  • You are eligible to do the Piano Test, if you have passed the first round of the admissions test in your main subject, the result of which you will receive after the completion of the first round. 

The Piano Test consists of three parts:

  • Performing a self-selected piece
  • Playing a sight-reading test
  • Playing cadences in major and minor keys up to three flats/sharps with traditional voice-leading

The Piano Test will be graded passed or failed.

Specimen tests



For questions about admission to the Performance Programmes

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