Do not move tables and chairs together, avoid queuing at microwave ovens or copiers and do not sit close together at a computer or mobile phone! Open windows and ventilate, but please do not forget to close the window when you go!

Wash and spray your hands often, cough in the armpit and avoid poking yourself in the face. If you see that wet wipes, hand alcohol bottles or containers with hand alcohol are empty, notify the reception or the Helpdesk.

Do as much as possible at a distance and stay at home at the slightest sign of feeling unwell (fever, sore throat, runny nose or cough). Test yourself for symptoms.

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Emergency info

In case of emergency, dial 112

University guard:
+ 46 46 222 07 00


Läsåret 2020/2021
Höstterminen pågår 31 aug 2020 – 19 jan 2021
Vårterminen pågår 18 jan – 6 juni 2021

Läsårsöversikt | Senast ändrad 2020-06-08 (pdf-dokument)

Mötesöversikt | Senast ändrad 2020-06-08 (pdf-dokument