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International conference about gender equality in higher music education

Lars Andersson
Lars Andersson, Programme director, Music teachers training

Malmö Academy of Music is about to host the third GENUS Conference 14-15 March, targeting gender and equal opportunities for all in higher music education.

Lars Andersson, Programme director at MHM, why is there a network and annual conference like GENUS?

-This is ultimately a question of equality. Since there is an imbalance when it comes to gender, both in genres and instruments in higher music education, we need to address these issues in order to attain balance. 

-The network ”Genus” aims to investigate and share good practices and knowledge about how you can develop the gender equality at your own institution.

Who should participate in the conference?

-Anyone who is curious about how we can attain gender equality in higher music education, regardless of whether you are a student teacher or administrator.

How would you suggest that teachers, headmasters and others make use of the toolbox that already exists?

-The toolbox consists of very practical tips on how you can start gender equality work at your institution. And also just by going through the material you get inspired to act I think.

This year’s focus revolves around entering into the music industry after finishing a degree – what would you like to highlight from the programme?

-We have gathered top speakers from various fields who will share deep knowledge about different perspectives that range from practical tips to research on gender related issues in higher music education.

-Most welcome everyone!

Register here before February 7

Learn more and have a look at the programme

The toolbox with actions from the 2019 and 2021 conferences