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Kent Olofsson

Kent Olofsson


Kent Olofsson

Champs d'étoiles


  • Kent Olofsson

Other contributions

  • Anna Lindal
  • Kerstin Frödin

Summary, in English

Champs d'étoiles is a musical suite that builds on texts and thoughts on the pilgrimage as a quest for deeper insights into the timeless mystery of being human. The work is also about musical timelessness. I have always been deeply fascinated by the music and instruments from the Renaissance and Baroque eras and this work is about new music for period instruments. The close collaboration with the musicians of Lipparella, experts on both early and new music, has been the cornerstone of the work. Compositionally I have interweaved styles and techniques from contemporary music as well as from older music. I have aimed for a music with a distinctive, peculiar tone that is both harsh and beautiful at the same time.
The composition of Champs d'étoiles became a long journey. The first parts were composed in 2008, and the last in 2016. In the process I gradually understood that the texts, stories and ideas about the pilgrimage I had taken as a starting points, were in fact foremost about myself, my own quest and the joint journey with the musicians. A journey that still continues. The final completion of the suite was prompted by the realisation of a theatrical performance called I skuggorna (In the shadows), where the music of Champs d’étoiles was the central element.


  • Lärare (Musikhögskolan)






Konstnärligt arbete


dB Productions


  • Period instruments
  • Contemporary music