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"An academy where you can be yourself"


Master student Anja Rajić lets you into her everyday life as she takes over the academys' Instagram account for a week.

Age: 25
Home country: Novi Travnik in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Instrument: the violin
Study background: Master degree from Sarajevo Music Academy, Erasmus exchange in Vigo (ESP) 2018-2019

When did you decide to become a violinist?

-Music was always part of my life but currently - is my life. With young age I fell in love with this perfectly made instrument and can't separate since then. I think violin is a special instrument because it is closer to our heart, it can transit the emotion immediately. 

-Being a part of some masterclasses and festivals and having amazing teachers made my love for the violin more deep and intense. My biggest accomplishment is working with Martin Creed in Centro Botín gallery in Santander. He is such an amazing artist and musician that made me feel free and more creative. 

What is the best thing about studying in a music academy?

-The best thing about being musician on academy is that I am always surrounded with positivity from my friends and teachers. No matter if I had a good or bad day, there is always somebody who will understand me. 

-Coming here to Sweden, especially in this rough times when we can't perform much, I have found inspiration and creativity in the swedish lifestyle. Simplicity and understanding are the things that keeps me motivated and focused. 

What are your professional dreams?

-Currently I am studying a lot and taking step by step, but my professional dream is to play in an orchestra or chamber group but also to work with artists and composers. 

-I think that the master programme at Malmö Academy of Music is a programme that prepares you for the auditions in a higher level but also makes you a better artist where you can be yourself. 

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